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*On Toriel's desk, you find a journal, labeled 'Jokes'.
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Name: Hayvel
DW username: N/A
Plurk: Hayvel

Other Characters: N/A

Character Name: Toriel
Series: Undertale
Timeline: Genocide route- immediately following her own death.
Canon Resource Link:
Character History: Long ago, two races ruled over Earth: HUMANS, and MONSTERS.

One of those monsters was Toriel. A powerful boss monster, and wife to the King of Monsters, Asgore.

Not much is known about this time- only that it was very, very long ago, so much so that monsters had fallen into myth and obscurity. There are very few alive that even remember it- only Toriel herself and Asgore, as semi-immortal boss monsters, and at least one other particularly long lived monster.

She enjoyed a peaceful life on the surface. Calm, endlessly patient, and known for her compassion even among monsters, she was well loved by her people.

Unfortunately, it didn't last. War broke out, when humans became fearful that a monster may absorb a human soul- which would allow them to become overwhelmingly powerful. So, they mounted a pre-emptive strike, seeking to drive the monsters away.

Toriel, along with Asgore, and many others, attempted to fight back. But being creatures whose SOULs are premised primarily of love and compassion... many of them, including Toriel, could not put their full strength into their attacks. Could not bring themselves to want to kill someone else, even to protect themselves- even when they were already so outmatched. Countless monsters died, but there was not a single human casualty. Not one SOUL that they could absorb, to attempt to turn the fight in their favor.

Fortunately, the humans didn't seem willing to completely wipe them out either. Instead, they force them back, and sealed them beneath a mountain, behind a magical barrier that would require the strength of 7 human souls to break. An impossible feat for monsters- even all the ones left would only be able to match the power of one human soul, at best.

They were trapped. Underground, with no hope of ever seeing the surface again. All they could do was attempt to make the best of the situation. Toriel and Asgore helped lead their people- helped them survive. Built homes. Established an infrastructure. Made villages and cities- even if Toriel rolled her eyes at her husbands terrible names.

Time passed. New generations of monsters were raised only on stories about what the surface world was like. They adjusted to their new life, even if new problems began to present themselves. Crowding and overpopulation. No connection to the outside world, no new possibilities to explore... it was a dreary life, with little to aspire to, but... they adjusted. Put on a smile, and made do with what they had.

And the world was certainly advancing, whether they were there to see it or not. Apparently, the water flowing into Waterfall, one of the sections of the Underground... somewhere up the stream, on the surface, it had apparently become a popular spot for the humans to dump their trash. Waterlogged books, old or broken technologies... it brought something new to the Underground, at least. Allowed them to repurpose or reproduce them. To study them, and learn new things. Toriel and Asgore even appointed a Royal Scientist. Perhaps somewhere in the realm of science and technology, there might be a way to gain their freedom- and, at the very least, it might improve their quality of life.

Things even started to feel good enough that... Toriel wanted to have a child. Something that they had held off on for the years and years that had passed previously- bringing a child into such an unpleasant life... simply hadn't felt right, when they could wait as long as they needed to have one. She was excited, and in high spirits- documenting her pregnancy on video camera- though perhaps not in the best of lighting situations.

And then her child was born- Asriel, a sweet boy, who Toriel loved with all her heart. They lived in the Home they had made so long ago- simple and old fashioned, near the entrance to the Ruins that they had initially settled. Toriel, Asriel, and Asgore, living together as a family for several years.

Then, something happened. After so many years, nobody remembered the true story behind Mt. Ebott- the mountain that the monsters had been sealed beneath. Humanity only knew it as a mountain were people were said to disappear. And apparently, after so many years, they had felt safe enough to settle nearby it. And one of them had felt... well. They had climbed it nonetheless. And they had fallen.

Now on the other side of the barrier, they had no hope of going back. And, they were only a child. Seperated from whatever family they had before. A young child by the name of Chara.

Unable to simply turn them away, Toriel and Asgore took them in as their own. Began to raise them alongside their son, Asriel. Even though they were human, it made no difference to them. Despite the war all those years ago, Toriel had never beared any ill will towards humans. It was a desperate act out, out of fear- utterly deplorable, but. Not evil. Not devoid of reason and understanding. Though she could never approve of those who had carried it out, she had never desired anything bad to happen to them. Certainly not on the rest of humanity, who she knew as a whole were capable of kindness and mercy, despite the actions of those few. Certainly not against Chara, who was simply a child.

A child with a... complicated past. They never talked about it, but... it was difficult for her to ignore. How much trouble they had truly forming connections. Their... unfortunate tendencies, that led her to need to hide or dull any sharp objects in the house. She did not know what had been done to this child. She hoped one day that they might trust her enough to tell her, so that she can help. But it was not her place to pry. Not something she should force them to bring up. All she could do was their bad experiences, with experiences of kindness and love instead.

Unfortunately... that day never came. Chara came down with some kind of sickness- something that they had no hope of curing. It was... awful, to watch them slowly slipping away, Asgore urging them on to stay determined, to not give up just yet, but. Nothing could change it. Eventually, Chara died.

And Asriel, somehow, had managed to absorb their soul. Had transformed into a being of incredible power, and taken Chara's body- seeking to lay them to rest in the village they had come from, among the flowers they had always liked and drawn- the strength of their combined soul able to pass through the barrier.

That didn't go as planned either. The villagers had assumed that the creature carrying Chara's body had killed them- and they fought back. Attacked Asriel, and inflicted fatal wounds. He could have fought back, but... he refused to take any lives, despite having such great strength. He only had enough time to return home, and relay the story- before turning to dust, and spreading across his father's garden.

Toriel had lost both of her children in the same day- she truly believed things couldn't get any worse, but. She was wrong.

Asgore responded to this in a different way- in a fit of grief and rage, he swore vengeance- that any humans who fall down into the Underground would be their enemies. That he'd kill them, and take their soul, and wage war against humanity- wipe them out for this.

Toriel was appalled. She could not believe what she was hearing from the kind, gentle man she had married. She publicly condoned this reckless, violent plan, told him that if he did not back down, then she would leave. She refused to be part of a kingdom that would go along with such a thing, but he would not waver.

So, she left. Went back to their first Home, the one that they had made before making a new one elsewhere, closer to the higher concentration of newer, more modern homes at New Home- and with room for Chara. She sealed the door to the Ruins behind her. Toriel didn't want anyone coming after her. She had no desire to see any of the members of her kingdom ever again, save for the ones who had agreed with her, and come with her to live a more peaceful life in the Ruins.

Toriel lived on her own now. An even more confined and lonely life than she had ever experienced before, stuck in just this single part of the Underground. But still preferable to the alternative. Having to spend even one more minute around her ex-husband, Asgore. And every day, she made a stop at the spot where Chara had fallen- to tend to flowers she had planted there- hoping that they might make a cushion, in case anyone else ever happened to fall.

And, eventually, someone did. Another child, seperated from their family. Toriel, once again, would have to become their family. To allow this child to live in her home, to keep them safe- to keep them there with her, forever. Never leaving the ruins, or else facing the wrath of Asgore.

They did not approve of that life. Despite Toriel's warnings, they left- assuring her that they would be fine. They'd make it out okay- but they couldn't stay down there. They needed to get back home, to their own family.

They never did. Toriel never left the ruins, but... she'd occasionally recieve messages of how things were out there. Either from a friendly ghost that might pass through the walls, or a spider braving the colds of Snowdin to send messages to the other spiders in the Underground. And they told her that monsters were rejoicing, at the acquisition of a new soul. The first step in their road to freedom... paved with the body of an innocent child.

She was disgusted, and utterly heartbroken. Not just for that child, but for the rest of humanity- surely Asgore would take that soul, and leave the Underground- take more, and use them to free his people, and wreak havoc upon the surface. All she could do was attempt to move on with her life, continue with the routine she had established, of checking to see if any humans had fallen.

Another child eventually did. Another lost soul, up to her to care for. And more news of the surface. Apparently, despite how long had passed since then... there was no word of monsters on the surface again. No armies leaving destruction in their wake.

Toriel had hoped that Asgore wasn't truly willing to go through with it. Before leaving, before seeing how he refused to change his plan, she had thought that the man she married was too kind and gentle to go through with such a thing. And apparently, she was right after all... But this was not any better! Apparently, he was also too meek to change his mind, to let people's hope down- so instead, he was simply staying Underground. Meekly hoping that another human never came. Giving monsterkind something to dream about, while still leaving them trapped. It was a pathetic, cowardly solution, and she was more disgusted and angry than she had been in years.

Those feelings quickly gave way to heartbreak, though. Like before, the child that had fallen grew unsatisfied with the meager life she could provide them. Left, to try and find their way back home. And, like before. They died.

Four children now, that Toriel had been unable to help. Two which had fallen at the hands of her own ex-husband. And it would happen again, too- four more times. Children would fall. They would leave. They would die.

It was difficult not to be overwhelmed with grief. To be able to continue on, despite the tragedies that had befallen her.

She had something, at least- a friend, on the other side of a door. Someone had knocked one day, practicing knock-knock jokes, while she happened to be there... and she responded. It was a dumb, silly joke, and it quickly became a routine.

Every once in a while, they'd meet up, on opposite sides of a door. Trade jokes back and forth. They didn't talk much about themselves- didn't even share their names. Toriel preferred it that way. To be able to just... let things go for a while. To indulge in bad jokes with a friend. She'd write entire journals full of them, chuckling to herself, looking forward to sharing with him. Occasionally they'd trade stories- he'd tell her about his brother, Papyrus- she'd tell him some stories about the children she'd gotten to know. Never really saying what had happened to them.

One day though, she... felt different. Didn't quite feel up to jokes. She was thinking- about how someday, another child would inevitably fall. It always seemed to be children. How, if she couldn't keep them there, they'd inevitably meet the same fate as all the others.

She trusted the monster on the other side of a door, though. Asked him to make her a difficult promise- that if another child should ever come through that door, that he'd protect and watch out for them. Perhaps, if she could simply have someone on the other side helping... she wouldn't have to receive the worst news imaginable again.

She was not going to just leave it in his hands, though. If she could help it, she'd make sure he didn't have to fulfill such a difficult task. No matter what it took.

And then... another child did fall. She found them, under attack by some kind of flower-monster that she had never seen before. She brushed it aside, and helped them. Introduced herself, and helped teach them about the Ruins. Guided them through. Perhaps... she was being a bit more coddling than necessary. Holding their hand a little too much, but... she refused to let them get hurt. And she wanted to keep them there- perhaps a surprise might be endear her enough to them, to keep them from leaving?

She asked them to hold still, while she went back home- got some ingredient, so she could make some butterscotch cinnamon pie. Gave the child an old phone she had, so that she could keep in contact with them.

...Of course, she had no idea that when she'd left them, that they'd go on to start killing.

It had happened before. A child would not understand the ways that the monsters of the ruins tried to communicate. Would become scared, attempt to fight back. Would not realize just how frail a monster's body can be. It was tragic- an utterly horrible loss of life. But... it was forgivable. They were not acting from a place of cruelty. Toriel did her best to comfort them, to make sure it wouldn't happen again. To set up a small practice session with future children- to let them know simply to talk to the monsters, and wait for her to help.

The child that had fallen this time, though... they did not fight because they were scared. They marched through the ruins, hunting down every last monster they could. Grinding them away until there was nothing left. She didn't know it, but in her absence, the ruins had gone empty.

When she found the child in front of her Home, she did not know that they were not quite the same as when she had left them. They had gained EXP, and their heart had been hardened by LOVE. She invited them in to her home, attempted to be as warm and welcoming as possible, gave them a slice of pie, but. They were not interested in staying.

Despite Toriel's warnings, they still were determined to leave. So she decided... she'd destroy the doorway. Cut herself off from the rest of her people forever if it was necessary. She could not allow them to leave, no matter how much they wanted to. When they still would not back down... she made a difficult decision. She just... she needed to scare them off, so that she could destroy the doorway. Told them to prove themselves- to fight her, and prove that they could survive out there. Either they would flee, and she could approach them later, attempt to mend the damage that she'd undoubtedly do... or... or at least she could die knowing that they really were strong enough. Could believe that they really would be able to escape the ruins.

She died. But... not the way that she thought she might have.

The moment she blocked their way... the child got a strange expression on their face. She wasn't sure how to describe it, but... they did not run away. They attacked her. And in one single blow, they had put in enough killing intent to utterly destroy her.

They had not been fighting to protect themself. They had wanted her dead. For what reason, she couldn't say, but she could feel it in their attack- how much they must have truly hated her, to do so much damage.

In her last moments, she realized- keeping them here wouldn't have been protecting this child. It would have been protecting everybody else beyond the ruins. She laughed, at the sheer absurdity of it, of how badly she had misunderstood this child... and then turned to dust.

Perhaps in another timeline, things may have gone differently. Maybe the child would have been kind and compassionate. Would have reached her, and convinced her that keeping them there in a life they weren't happy with was selfish. Would have made her realize that... she could not simply let them go on their own. That the mercy they had displayed to her in that misguided, desperate fight she initiated had made her realize that even Asgore deserved mercy. Maybe she'd arrive too late, and Asgore would already be gone- at least she could attempt to rule her people again, to guide them on a more peaceful path- whether they agreed to follow her or not, she could at least try. Or maybe she'd arrived just in time to prevent a fight all together- got to meet all of Frisk's friends, and then... through some sequence of events she wouldn't be able to remember, would be able to leave the Underground, and start a new life on the surface. A truly happy ending.

That would be a different Toriel though. For this one... her story ended there. Killed in an instant by a child that she had mistakenly opened her heart to.

Abilities/Special Powers: Fire magic. She can conjure fireballs and flames, either to attack others if she feels it necessary, or for something as simple as lighting a fireplace or baking food.

Healing magic. She can quickly and effectively heal someone else's injuries.

Third-Person Sample: It had been so, so long since Toriel had needed to navigate an area that she didn't know like the back of her hand. Too long, clearly, since she was now hopelessly lost. Which... is fine, actually! Being able to be lost is such a luxury compared to the familiar confines of the Ruins. To not know what's around every corner, to not know the solution to every puzzle. To not have to put up with puzzles everywhere she goes is nice, too.

She turns the next corner, curious for what else she will find, and... Oh my. That's a lot of books. More than she's ever seen, in fact. Certainly more than she had on her bookshelf in Home. The same well-worn tomes that she's read dozens of times.

There are many other new places to explore. She'll surely have to find her way to her new bedroom eventually. But for now... Toriel believes she'll pick out a few stories, put on her reading glasses, and spend a few hours enjoying them. No matter the contents held within those pages, it's going to be an amazing experience.

First-Person Sample: Greetings. My name is Toriel.

I believe I am going to be staying here now, and I am looking forward to meeting you all. I thought perhaps that I might prepare a gift for our meeting. I enjoy baking, and believed that a nice pie might help to break the ice.

However, ah... I had a bit of difficulty locating the proper ingredients. I am not familiar with this place yet, and where I could go buy more. However , I did find some bugs, so...

I have made everyone Snail Pie! Surprise!

I understand a lot of you are humans, and you are probably not used to such things, but. It is a nice treat for monsters, at least. You may like it more than you thought! There is plenty in the kitchen, if you would like to give it a try.


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